About Me

My name is...

岡﨑 菜琳 / Narin Okazaki

이 채린 / Chaelin Lee

(Born in Korea, Raised in Japan)


2020.04 - Present

東京大学大学院 情報理工学系研究科 システム情報学専攻
Information Physics and Computing,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo

身体情報学研究室 Information Somatics Laboratory

2016.04 - 2020.03

横浜国立大学 理工学部 機械工学・材料系学科 機械工学教育プログラム

Mechanical Engineering Educational Program, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science,
Faculty of Engineering Science, Yokohama National University

2019.04 - 2020.03 (Graduation Research)
知的応用力学研究室 Intelligent Applied Mechanics Laboratory

2018.04 - 2019.03 (AY2018 ROUTE Lab Internship)
サイバーロボティクス研究室 Cyber-Robotics Laboratory

2017.04 - 2018.03 (AY2017 ROUTE Lab Internship)
デジタルエンジニアリング研究室 Digital Engineering Laboratory
2018.08 - 2018.09 (IAESTE Student Internship)

Technical University of Liberec

Department of Vehicles

Skills and Interests

Mechanical Design / Fabrication

  • Modeling using 3D CAD
    Solid Works / Autodesk Inventor / Autodesk Fusion360 / Creo Parametric etc.

  • Machine tool operation and Assembling
    Drill press / Lathe / CNC milling machine / Band saw / Shirring / 3D printer / Laser cutter etc.

Software Development

  • System construction
    PyQt (with Python) / Unity (with C#) / MFC (with VC++) / Arduino / MATLAB / Processing etc.